Why use us?

The team at thedevelopmentspace.com  have been working in technology led innovation and business growth for over 25 years.  Delivering high quality, intelligent and robust research, strategy, innovation and business growth projects including:

  • Developing new products leveraging materials technology and manufacturing processes.
  • Building business conditions for growth in the innovation space - strategy, finance and operational structures
  • Developing marketing approaches to launch new products internationally
  • Designing and delivering new brands and brand collatoral
  • Financial review and due diligence for business growth  or change (e.g., MBOs)
  • Product evaluations (market vs technology prospects - global)
  • Strategy review for business growth
  • Board management and coaching for innovation
  • Training and development programmes for innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Leadership development for technologists
  • High performance projects for clients internationally.

  • Ex Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University Engineering Department - New Product Development in Hard Physical Sciences and IT.
  • Durham University MBA - including finance, project management, strategic marketing and asset strategy
  • Chartered Company Secretary
  • Finance Director experience (multi million pound start up with x7 growth)
  • Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Fellow Royal Society of Arts
  • Chair/NED Durham University MBA Board Competition and Innovation Award Sponsor.
  • Strong track of Board level working including strategic relationship building and outreach
  • Published internationally

Thought leadership in:
  • Innovation led growth (Ellen McArthur Foundation/Think dif.org) 
  • Big Data and executive challenge 
  • Leadership skills in technology and innovation 


Cambridge - UK

Estd. 2007