The team at  have been working in technology led innovation and growth for over 25 years. Across that time, they have been fortunate to work with a great many talented, engineers, educators, innovators, financiers and strategists.

Specific spaces include:
  • Open innovation
  • Collaborative new product development
  • Front end innovation ideation
  • Product development - materials innovation and design integrity
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Innovation led economic growth
  • Proof of concept
  • Market strategy (Go to)
  • Market stage development (pprospecting strategy)
  • Corporate development - technology and growth strategy
  • Financial models for business growth
  • Legal frames for IP leveraged growth
  • Board and influencers for growth
  • Tapping into networks of productivity and exchange
  • Entrepreneurial growth frames
  • Skills for innovation
  • Skills for entrepreneurs
  • Brand and market presence
  • Engagement - people strategy for growth
  • Board and NED engagement
  • Senior team coaching
  • Business growth coaching
  • International working frames of reference for technology growth
  • Technology and innovation strategy - for real business growth

Strategy projects, coaching, board membership, innovation strategy, plus training for innovation capability, skills and business growth.

Cambridge - UK

Estd. 2007