Clients and Collaborations

The  team at  have been working in technology led innovation and growth for over 25 years.  Across that time, they have been fortunate to work with a great many talented, engineers, educators, innovators, financiers and strategists.

Clients include:
Durham Energy Institute, Lincoln University Business School, Northampton University.
Private clients from venture capital, technology development, strategy development sectors.
Innovation coaching private clients.  NED work. 

Associations include:

Durham University Business School - Board Competition Chair and Innovation Award sponsor.
Poverty Cure Partner.
Chartered Institute of Marketing (Fellowship)
Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce (Fellowship)

Collaboration partners include: (Design engineering) (Fine art images)
Graveltrack Communications (Publications and marketing communications)

Kind words:
With thanks to our amazing customers!
  • Mentor of the year! (Durham MBA )
  • 'Amazing clarity of thinking - directional and smart' (Strategy client)
  • Training was great - fantastic pace, and not afraid to ask 'stupid' questions!
  • Upbeat, focused, high energy...great fun! (Training client)
  • 'Wow !- end to end - the full product development cycle - every stage and international!'
  •  A treat to watch at Board - calm, focused, developmental - quiet but powerful...
  • Coaching is wonderful!  Room to grow, but so relevant to the business challenge
  • Lots of experience, proper interest in growing the business or the project.  Well worth having on team!
  • Smart when it comes to working out 'what next' for the business
  • Great to have both technology, innovation,  and finance capability all rolled up into one 
  • Great to work with as NED/Chair - coached for growth...

Cambridge - UK

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