Testimonials - with thanks to our super clients

Strategy, market and growth consulting

  • "They brought such clarity to our development proposal and product offer; that I as MD had no difficulty taking our strategy to potential backers for forward funding."
  • "Working through development strategy was both relaxed and stretching. We achieved a strong forward pathway, expressed clearly and ready to share with others".
  • " We completed a resource analysis and forward look.  The results were crystal clear and provided a solid platform on which to base forward growth of our company".
  • "An amazing blend of people, finance, strategy, product and marketing skills.  Good with words and ideas, very creative and driven.  Works at a deep level to properly develop well resourced strategies for growth."
  • 'Not afraid to challenge in an analytical way, and very clear that the development goals of the organisation must be delivered. '
  • 'Quiet, but powerful.'


  • "It was really fun!"
  • "The course content was ideal...managing to fit it all into 10 weeks!"
  • "Has helped me to be in the right mindset to plan starting my own business"
  • "Good interaction in the class"
  • "The relaxed atmosphere made it easy to ask 'silly' questions..."
  • "Clear explanations"


  • "An inspirational coach and a lovely, lovely person."
  • "Has a way of 'cutting to the chase'.  
  • Mentor of the year!