Growth Strategy

Strategy and development review and forward plans for SMEs and larger businesses. 

Approach:  Full development review including financials, product, marketing and relationships.

Spaces: Technology, arts, entrepreneurship and innovation, when growth is priority.

What do we bring?

World class academic credentials:  Cambridge University Centre for Technology Management, Durham University Business School. International C suite experience: Corporate Director, Chartered Company Secretary, Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing. Thought leadership: strategic business development, global economy and innovation. 

  • Growth strategy 
  • Financial analysis and forward plan
  • Strategic market investigation and development
  • Creative brand 
  • Product development plans and innovation framing  
  • Transformation of business process
  • Collaborative approaches for manufacture and supply 
  • Strategic relationship planning
  • Sustainable business and long term growth                                                          

Project types

  • Due dilligence
  • Go to market strategy
  • Strategic market shaping
  • Financial review and forward look
  • Corporate communications
  • Engagement strategy
  • Market scoping
  • Brand development
  • Innovation/development planning
  • Thought leadership in technology strategy and leadership