Testimonials - with thanks to our super clients

Strategy, market and growth consulting

  • "They brought such clarity to our development proposal and product offer; that I as MD had no difficulty taking our strategy to potential backers for forward funding."
  • "Working through development strategy was both relaxed and stretching. We achieved a strong forward pathway, expressed clearly and ready to share with others".
  • " We completed a resource analysis and forward look.  The results were crystal clear and provided a solid platform on which to base forward growth of our company".
  • "An amazing blend of people, finance, strategy, product and marketing skills.  Good with words and ideas, very creative and driven.  She works at a deep level to properly develop well resourced strategies for growth."
  • 'Watching Claire in a Board meeting is a bit of a treat.  She is very strong with people and generous with her thinking and support.  However she is not afraid to challenge in an analytical way, and is very clear that the development goals of the organisation must be delivered. 
  • 'Quiet, but powerful.'


  • "It was really fun!"
  • "The course content was ideal...managing to fit it all into 10 weeks!"
  • "Has helped me to be in the right mindset to plan starting my own business"
  • "Good interaction in the class"
  • "The relaxed atmosphere made it easy to ask 'silly' questions..."
  • "Clear explanations"


  • "An inspirational coach and a lovely, lovely person."
  • "Claire has a way of 'cutting to the chase'.  She helped me see hidden aspects of my work and model them in a way which made them easy to share." 
  • "A huge thank you to alumna Claire Rose (MBA) on volunteering as a mentor for the DUBS Alumni Network Mentor Scheme from which she was awarded the accolade of Mentor of the Year."